About Us

In the first of starting a new company, entrepreneurs should face some obstacles. Some of those determine the company’s logo and branding it. The main problem is they want to build their company but don’t know how to deliver the value of its brand, we can say specifically if they don’t understand the visual communication knowledge. Whereas in branding something, we really need that kind of knowledge. The other problem is not every one can learn well that knowledge, only some person can.

Our company established in June 2017 to solve those problems. At the first our company name was AESTH, it brings the value of ‘aesthetic’ to the customer branding. The founders are Sodiko Hidayad, Akbar Ajibaskoro, Salma Irelli, and Isiah Candra. In the middle of progress journey, we change our name company to the Cremotion Branding House because for us its more represent our core value. Beside change of company name, our founder also changed, for now, our founder is Sodiko Hidayad, Akbar Ajibaskoro, and Nabila Luthfia. All the founder is entrepreneur student of SBM ITB.

We come to the public to solve the problem of the most company has, that is branding their brand. We provide service to solve it. Those are design logo, business card, poster, feeds Instagram, product photography, product videography, and website design. Our specialty is because our designer from FSRD students who understand more about visual communication and can connected art with a request from a customer. We also provide consultancy for the company who really don’t understand what they really need.